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Targeting Metabesity Conferences

Breaking silos to move healthspan to the forefront of public discourse and national policy


The Targeting Metabesity Conferences, since their inception in London in 2017, has brought together leading geroscientists, professionals in the field of aging, policymakers, legislators, regulators, academics, C-level business executives, healthcare providers, and most recently interested consumers in a salon-like atmosphere for the exchange of ideas and mutual education.


In 2020 our virtual conference garnered 1000 attendees, 80 speakers, and keynoters such as Dr. Victor Dzau, President of the National Academy of Medicine, Dr. Kenneth Dychtwald, America's leading gerontologist, Lord Geoffrey Filkin Leader of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Longevity in the UK. Congresswoman Donna Shalala and Congressman Jamie Raskin spoke about the importance of a national policy on Healthspan. In October 2021, we anticipate both a virtual conference and a live event in Washington DC.

Project Healthspan

Making increased healthy longevity for all a national goal and government policy through advocacy, education, and coalition


Project Healthspan, a pro bono consortium consisting of the American Federation for Aging Research, the Gerontological Society of America, the Academy of Health and Lifespan Research, and others seeking federal legislation to promote a national priority and development of interventions for extending Healthspan.

We are coordinating with the National Academy of Medicine, NIA, FDA, and other entities to educate law and policymakers, and the public on the benefits and necessity of extending healthy longevity for all with the new Congress in 2021.

Project Endpoints

Making the prevention and delay of chronic diseases and age-related decline a regulatory endpoint

As it stands, our healthcare system seeks cure over prevention and silos diseases rather than targeting their common causes. Our regulatory system contributes to research silos by supporting disease-focused modalities. Through advocacy, education, and coalition, we are moving the needle toward a focus on preventing the targeted common causes of aging.

Virtual Campus

Engaging stakeholders in the global mission of accelerating healthspan for all

The Kitalys Institute Virtual Campus offers a unique platform for healthspan stakeholders to collaborate and share innovative ideas and points of view. On our HIPAA-compliant platform, scientists, social scientists, healthcare providers, policymakers, and advocates can form special interest groups, speak privately with each other, and advance our mission through their thought leadership. Ours is a robust platform for education with a growing library and an ideal way to promote mission-related events accessible to all.

Healthspan Equity

Making the prevention and delay of chronic diseases an accessible and attainable goal for all

The Kitalys Institute infuses Healthspan Equity into all that we do. From the beginning of our learning process, we discovered that social determinants have an enormous impact on both the number of years people live and how healthy they will be. We resolved at our conferences, webcasts, and educational outreach, to recognize that Healthspan and the policy around it must be developed in an equitable manner that focuses on access to nutrition, exercise, education, work, and healthy childhood. It is this focus on Health Equity as well as on the scientific basis of the aging process that makes our approach to Healthspan so relevant to current concerns.

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