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Innovative thinking fueled by experience

The Kitalys Institute's original organizer is Kinexum, a strategic advisory firm that provides regulatory and clinical development guidance for life science product development. Kinexum's founder and Executive Chairman is G. Alexander ("Zan") Fleming, M.D. Dr. Fleming is an endocrinologist who led the medical reviews at the U.S. FDA that resulted in approval, among others, of metformin and the first statin, insulin analogue, PPAR agonist, and growth hormone for non-growth hormone deficiency conditions.

During his tenure at the FDA, Dr. Fleming had an epiphany that emerging geroscience held out the prospect of preventing or delaying chronic diseases by delaying or even reversing biological aging. He recognized the efficacy of moving from a focus on individual diseases to one that considers all the common causes of aging. The frailty, chronic illness, and morbidity that aging itself usually brings could be prevented if such a shift were made.

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