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Aging is at the tipping point... healthcare is at stake. How will you or your media outlet cover this big story?

Some timely interview topics include:

  • Covid-19 and Aging

  • The Longevity Dividend

  • The New Moonshot: The 100-Year Life

  • Longevity Inequality: The Hidden Tragedy

  • Project Healthspan, seeking federal legislation setting healthy longevity to be a national priority, and promoting the development of interventions for preventing or delaying chronic diseases and extending healthy longevity​ 

Press/Media Inquiries

Are you working on any of these challenges to healthy longevity? We can provide you with backgrounders, interviewees, and insights.


EVIDENCE: Getting evidence that solutions work and are effective

  • Enable products to be tested quickly and efficiently

  • Devise ways that regulated products can be approved

  • Find tests that will help to approve products and monitor individual response

POLICY: Optimizing public-private policy

  • Establish a national policy for encouraging and achieving healthy longevity

  • Provide investment in research and development of healthy longevity solutions

  • Incentivize the healthcare system to target healthy longevity in everyday practice.

COMMERCIALIZATION: Aligning commerce/economics. 

  • Enhance conditions for private investment

  • Develop alternatives for marketing health longevity products

  • Make the economic case to stimulate practical action and resources

BEHAVIOR: Addressing human behavior

  • Finding effective ways to get people to practice healthy habits 

  • Figuring out how to reach the disadvantaged 

  • Educating consumers and advisors to make evidence-based decisions

Useful Quotes: Dr. Alexander Fleming, metabolic expert, Chairman Kitalys Institute, Founder Kinexum: 


“The overriding threat to humankind is that, without concerted action, strides in chronic disease prevention and increases in healthy longevity will take decades to achieve. Healthcare systems and economies across the globe will reach crisis points in the meantime.” 

“We are facing existential health and economic threat. Ironically, stunning scientific advances offer potential solutions that can avert the crisis. We must tackle the challenges that stand in the way of converting science into solutions. We start by naming the challenges.”

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Kitalys in News

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Chairman of The Kitalys Institute, Dr. Alexander Fleming calls for regulatory changes to allow geroscience innovation to flourish and enable true longevity trials.

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